Our Beginnings…

Ian Hoyt | Life Nomading

Frustrated with his job and lack of fulfillment, Life Nomading got its start in 2014 as a small blog where our founder Ian Hoyt passionately shared his thoughts about what nomading meant to our generation of “against-the-grain” goers.

His goal was to create a place where the community can come together to share ideas, have experiences together, and ultimately become more well rounded, adventurers.

What was once a small community of readers back in 2014, has since grown into a tight knit community of travelers, life adventurers, and people that refuse to settle for what society says is the correct ‘path’.

After many years of writing, traveling, and spending time with the Life Nomading Explorers Club group, the Life Nomading team had grown and our next big steps were in sight.

We travel because experience is the only cure for our souls. We believe that seeing is better than dreaming. We are the doers not the wishers.

…to Now

Over the last three years, we kept getting requests from the community to create fun and exciting experiences/trips for those that had connected with each other in our group.

It was a great idea, but Ian knew he couldn’t do this alone. That’s when his good friend, former roommate, and travel addict Marek came aboard. Together in 2016, they launched their first two Life Nomading Trips™ destinations. That brings us to now.

We’re so excited about this next chapter of Life Nomading. Bringing our millennial generation group travel in a way that has never been done before.

To be a Life Nomading Explorer means to shed the bonds of society and see the world for what it is, not what people say it should be.

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Meet the Team

Ian Hoyt | Life Nomading

Ian Hoyt

Chief Community Officer

Ian is an all around alternative path taker, Chief Community Officer, and cofounder. He started Life Nomading in 2014 with a mission of helping other like minded adventurers find a voice together as one.

Since it began, his vision has been keeping community first in the form of travel experiences.

Ian is no stranger to building experiences. In-fact his day job involves helping brands do exactly that at his creative agency Wilbur.

Marek Michalski | Life Nomading

Marek Michalski

Chief Adventure Officer

A traveling fool and Frequent Flyer expert is our Co-Founder and Chief Adventure Officer, Marek Michalski. He joined Life Nomading in 2016 to help Life Nomading bring life changing trips to millennials.

Marek is motivated by seeing the world and enabling others to have experiences that can change their lives.

He is no stranger to traveling having been to over 20 countries and flying over 6,000 miles a week.


Priska Diarta

Content / Communication

Future digital nomad, avid hiker, and global traveler reigning in from the land up north. She bring’s some Canadian flare to our group of yankees. She has family origins in Indonesia, and hopes to lead a future Life Nomading trip there.

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