See for Yourself, Not by Yourself

The anti-resort, good vibes only, international small group trip experience. Bring an adventurous spirit and we'll show you a great time.

Invite Only

Best trip of your life guaranteed

Sustainable and eco-conscious

Small group trip sizes

As Seen On...

Heath Armstrong

Heath A.

"Some of the best times traveling I've ever had - incredible, genuine, and super intelligent group of people."

iceland fjords

Kayla L.

"Travelled with Life Nomading to Iceland and it was one of the best trips I’ve been on."

Caitlin K.

Caitlin K.

"If you are even thinking about looking into one of their trips just book it. It will be the best thing you ever do. I know it was for me!"

What's Included?

The Little Details ✏️

Get all the great things about sustainable travel without the headache of planning. We have it all ready to go, just show up.

No Stressful Driving 🚙 

Literally, show up at the airport hop in our car, and forget that driving was ever a part of your travel life.

Epic Lodging 🏠

We're addicted to finding unique stays, we promise your trip will be no different. Get ready for views and comfort!

Hosts Ian & Caroline 👫

We're there for you every step of the way. We've curated these trips from our real-life experience, so obviously we're the ones to host you.

Unique Adventures ⛵️ 

Say goodbye to tourist traps and selfie crowds - you'll do things you'll actually remember for a lifetime, guaranteed.

Delicious Meals 🍽

Ask anyone on our past trips, the food never disappoints. Local grub, by local farmers, and chefs. They're excited to meet you.

All of our international group trips invest only in locally run experiences. Your trip is going towards the country you're visiting, not taking from it.

Get an invite to our upcoming adventures...

We keep costs low for you and ensure groups of diverse and interesting perspectives by making our select trips invite-only. Apply today so we can see you on a future trip soon!