Best Value Portuguese Wines in New York City

If you’re on the search for the best value Portuguese wines in New York City we’ve searched far and wide so you don’t have to. Finding a good amount of value Portuguese wines in the city was quite difficult actually.

When I think of NYC I think you can find anything you want. Well, it wasn’t like that when it came to Portuguese wines. I have a couple of theories on why it is like this, but the point of this article is to give you a quick shortlist of great value Portuguese wines that you must try.

So after walking all over the city on a beautiful Friday afternoon, and after a quick stop at Jacob’s Pickles to refuel, here are the top options:

Chambers Street Wines

Address: 148 Chambers St A, New York, NY 10007

Xisto ilimitado red, Douro

Xisto ilimitado red, Douro$25.99 / bottle

Beautiful red wine in case you like Malbec! Like walking a violet field!

Xisto ilimitado white

$24.99 / bottle

Here you have an amazing old oak-aged white for 25 bucks. Spices, caramel, vanilla… where’s the cheese?

Sidonia de Sousa 2015 red, Bairrada

$14.99 / bottle

I would compare this to a Pinot Noir or a funky Barbera. I love baga for one reason. Most of them give you that hay, barnyard, turnip and earthy character that is just lovely, but still on the lower end of tannins.

Quinta santa da teresa, Vinho Verde

$15.99 / bottle

I am going to sum this one up in one word: LEES! Who the hell said Vinho Verde is that watery fizzy drink only? Grow up…

Astor Wines & Spirits

Address: 399 Lafayette St, New York, NY 10003

Aphros loureiro 2018, Vinho Verde

Aphros loureiro 2018, Vinho Verde$15.99 / bottle

Any wine geek or adventurous person that wants a skin contact wine? YEAH! What a ridiculous price! 100% Avesso here. Down this list you will have a skin contact 100% Loureiro. Please get both and drink them together!

Alvarinho casa capitao mor 2017, Vinho Verde

Alvarinho casa capitao mor 2017, Vinho Verde$14.96 / bottle

Another ridiculous wine that screams lees and batonnage. What a concentration of flavors this is. $15 bucks. FIFTEEN BUCKS!

Casa mouraz tinto 2014. Dão

Casa mouraz tinto 2014. Dão

$15.99 / bottle

Do you want an old fashion taste of Portugal? This is it. A blend of 9 grape varieties. Yes, very common to blend lots of stuff in Portugal. The result? An organic wine that has tannins that tell you that you better go get a ribeye because it will give you a great time!

Filipa pato rosé 2018. Bairrada

Filipa pato rosé 2018. Bairrada$15.99 / bottle

You know, we all have that friend. That friend that thinks they know it all or that always complains it is not good enough. Or the other way around, where that friend is really excited to taste different stuff. This is it.

Please give it blind to your friend, ask them how much it costs and how good it is and then tell them this insane price because here you have an organic rosé sparkling wine with beautiful lees aging.

Please Please Please, of them all, if you had one wine only you could try, please let it be this one!

Union square wines

Address: 140 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

Alvarinho anselmo mendes contacto, Vinho Verde

Alvarinho anselmo mendes contacto, Vinho Verde$13.99/case or $17.99/bottle

Great Alvarinho here, literally from a neighbor of mine, beautiful skin contact here. Compare this to the other skin contact we saw above and decide if you like skin contact more with a floral or fruity character.

To sum up, I am a bit disappointed with the poor selection of Portuguese wines in New York City. For the city that it is, I was expecting more.

Anyone can have that great French or Italian wine that everyone knows. But few can find the great undervalued wine from Portugal and I hope I will see more of them next time I visit because back home I taste lovely things with unbelievable prices!

Who the hell am I?

I am Rafael de Lima, aka Raf, owner of de Lima’s wine bar in Porto, Portugal, and de Lima’s wine experiences. Winemaker for fun in Monção, making a weird alvarinho that only my geeky friends get to taste. I am also currently about to finish my WSET level 4 in London. I am honored to say that I make my living spitting wine and making other people discover the beauty of Portuguese wines.