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How to Pack a Carry on and Fit More in Your Bag

Two hours after landing in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam I realized my checked bag wasn’t showing up with me. Oh crap! My bag was in Taiwan sitting in the belly of the airplane. In my case, I was fortunate enough to eventually receive my bag. But for many, the odds of your bag getting back to you once lost aren’t al the best. This is why we always recommend you to try your best to use a carry-on vs. checked bags as often as possible. Learn some of our Life Nomading tricks and tips for how to pack a carry on and fit more in your suitcase for your next great adventure, where it may lead you.

As if we haven’t already convinced you to carry-on, it’s worth noting that airlines don’t always have our back when it comes to lost luggage. They will reimburse up to a certain dollar amount – for example, its only 3,500 dollars on American Airlines.

To avoid the inconvenience of replacing your stuff or coming out in the red it is in your best interest to pack as much as possible in your carry -on bag.

Let’s Get Started Packing Your Bag

First thing’s first, there are restricted items and limitations on what you can and can’t bring in your carry-on bag.

Be sure to read your airline’s policies and check other TSA restrictions on what you can or cannot take in your carry-on. This helpful checklist breaks down what you can or cannot take in your carry-on versus your checked bags. Lame, we know!

It’s also important to note that there are different rules that vary from one country to the next for what is considered a carry-on bag. Some countries let gigantic backpacks slide, while others seem to barely let purses count.

This list comprehensively covers weight and size regulations for carry-on luggage around the world. I had a lot of trouble finding the perfect bag, so I researched and developed an article outlining the best international carry-on bags.

Now that you know what you can pack, its time to figure out how much of it you can possibly fit in your suitcase. The more you can fit in a carry on bag the better (most airlines do not weigh your carry-on).

Here are some of our tried and true tips on how to pack a carry on to optimize space:

Plastic Bags, Vacuum Bags, and  Compression Bags


Compression bags Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. make more room to load up a bag with all your favorite clothes. They leave extra space for more items, and some even claim to reduce wrinkles! There are two main types of space saver bags, vacuum and manual rolled.

With vacuum bags, the downside is that a vacuum or hose is needed, and a puncture renders it useless. I personally prefer the Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. myself. These work just like the vacuum bags only you push the air out manually. If you have delicate clothes that wrinkle easily these bags may leave a mark but you can spray the clothes with wrinkle releaser Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. once you arrive at your hotel.

If you’d prefer to use vacuum bags, be sure to read our article: Best Vacuum Storage Bags For Travel

Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags. No Vacuum Rolling Compression, Pack of 8 Price: $17.97 Travis Travel Gear Space Saver Bags. No Vacuum Rolling Compression, Pack of 8 Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 04/30/2019

Roll Your Clothes by Hand


Rolling your clothes by hand may take a little time, but it is worth extra work! By rolling your clothes, it gives you more room in an otherwise small area in your suitcase.

An added benefit of rolling your clothes is that you can put the clothing around the sides of the luggage, and this will help protect the items placed in the middle.

Packing Cubes for Travel

Packing cubes are great for making space, but also for the organization. It is very handy and makes packing quicker by allowing you to organize items into separate cubes based on category. In the past, I would sort through all my clothes to find my underwear which I foolishly packed below my shirts. As a result, all the rest of my clothes get jostled about and unorganized. Now I pack them into cubes, and it makes it easier to organize my items. I have a set of eBags Packing cubes Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. that are perfect for this type of thing. They are easy to use and there are enough different sizes to fit any packing job.

eBags Large Packing Cubes for Travel Price: $36.99 eBags Large Packing Cubes for Travel Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 05/01/2019


Downsize your toiletry items.

You need to downsize your toiletry items.

Spray cans and glass containers of any kind are not allowed in your luggage. Get small squirt bottles or a set of small plastic containers. Also, buy travel size toothpaste Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. , plastic toothbrushes, and plastic razors Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. . Roll on deodorant also comes in travel sizes. If you run out of anything – most hotels or hostels have places to purchase the core items you need at the front desk.

Lermende Portable Soft Silicone Travel Bottles Containers Set Price: $15.99 Lermende Portable Soft Silicone Travel Bottles Containers Set Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Last Updated: 05/01/2019


Use every open space possible.


When you begin packing, start with all the heavy flat objects first. Spread the weight out evenly across the bottom of your luggage.

Next, place your rolled clothes against the outer walls. This leaves the middle part open for your more fragile items. When all your large items are in, fill the empty spaces with leftover clothes, space saver containers, and anything else you need like a stuffed animal… we won’t judge.

Hopefully, our tips help you on your next trip. Now you won’t get stuck in another country waiting on your checked-bag ever again. Instead, pack it all in the carry-on and maximize your travel! Pack more, spend less, and do more traveling!

Do you have any questions or comments? Please comment below!

5 Ways to Get Through The Airport Quicker

5 ways to get through the airport faster

According to American Airlines I have flown from Chicago (ORD) to Philadelphia (PHL) over 30 times this year. The flight duration is exactly 1 hour and 51 minutes gate to gate according to To catch the flight you have to arrive at least an hour before, and if they check your bag you can add 30 minutes on departure and arrival. Then what about the time it takes you to physically walk from entrance/exit to gate. That 1 hr and 51-minute flight just got a whole lot longer – more like 6 hrs.

That’s 6 hours that could have been used to work, exercise, or spend time with a loved one. Instead that time was used: Having an unintentional staring contest with a stranger, getting smelled by a dog, having your genitals exposed on an X-ray, having your bag searched, taking off half the clothes you put on this morning then putting them back on, talking to an Uber driver, and eating Auntie Anne’s cheddar stuffed pretzel nuggets with a sugar plum lemonade twister for only $16.99. I know this sounds great, but I promise that there is a better life out there. We came up with 5 ways to get through the airport quicker to free up time to do what you love.

Getting through the airport quickly and efficiently is a task that must be accomplished through one or two big changes and a combination of small marginal changes. After reading this post you will be plowing through the airport faster than Brock Lesner on PCP.

How to get through the airport faster

 Sign-up for a Customs and Border Protection Trusted Traveler Program

I know many travelers are familiar with this, so I will not go into this for too long. TSA Pre-Check drastically reduces the amount of time you spend in the security line at the airport. With Pre-Check or Global Entry you get a designated security line that is shorter. The line also moves faster because you are not required to remove your laptop from your bag or take your shoes, belt, or light coat off. The added benefit of Global Entry is that it reduces your time when re-entering the USA from abroad. The CBP also offers different variants of global entry like Nexus – which grants quick access driving across the Canadian border, global entry kiosks, and pre-check lines at the airport.

TSA Pre-check costs $85 for 5 years, Global Entry is $100 for 5 years, but Nexus only costs $50 for 5 years which makes it the best deal. However, there are several ways to get pre-check or global entry for free (kind of). Several travel reward credit cards will reimburse you for the cost of the application (i.e. American Express Platinum, American Airlines Citi Card, Chase Sapphire Reserve, and Citi Prestige). Most of the cards that offer this have a high annual fee – so your reimbursement is really more like a rebate. The other way, through frequent flyer programs, is starting to disappear as the TSA is making the rules more strict. The airlines used to offer guaranteed pre-check to their highest status and most loyal customers.

To gain approval for these programs you need to have a clean background, so if you were Pablo Escobar in a past life then it may not be worth the non-refundable application fee. If you signup for a CBP or TSA program you are guaranteed to get through the airport fast!

Get Luggage That Can Move Fast with You

How to get through the airport fastTo get through the airport faster you need to move quickly. Unfortunately, you can only go as fast as your bag can go. The fastest and easiest luggage to move through the airport is Spinner Luggage. Having a bag with only two wheels is slower and more difficult to maneuver. A spinner bag has 4 wheels and can not only roll quickly in any direction while parallel to the ground (Good when changing directions), but can also be tilted to move in one straight direction. If spinner luggage is a car it it’s a sports car, and your traditional two-wheeled bag is a sedan.

I personally like the Briggs & Riley TORQ Collection Full Disclosure: We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. . These bags are expensive,  very sexy,  and have a Lifetime Guarantee. Paying several hundred dollars for a suitcase can sound a bit crazy, but considering it could be the last bag you ever buy in your life, it’s a great deal. I bought the International sized carry on spinner, because the next time they downsize the carry on size in the USA – I will be ready. It’s stylish, durable, and I know if it ever breaks all I have to do is take it to a nearby repair center to be fixed.

The most important thing is to get luggage that is easy to move, but also fits your needs. A spinner bag works well for me, because I like to pack light and move quick.

Show Up to the Airport at the Right Time, Not the Recommended Time.

Image Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle

Image Courtesy of the Houston Chronicle

Conventional wisdom tells you to show up 3 hours early for international flights, and 2 hours early for domestic flights. If you follow this procedure, you should never miss your flight, but you often find yourself sitting at the gate for longer than you really need to. If you want to save time while traveling it’s more important to show up at the right time – when the line is the shortest.

Arriving 30 minutes later might make your time tighter, but if the security line is shorter at 8:30 am than it is at 8:00 am then why should you wait longer in line.

For example, most security checkpoints open up in waves. There may be 3 security lines but only 1 is open from 6 am to 8 am while all 3 are open from 8 am to 12 pm. If you show up at 7:30 you are waiting 30 minutes in line, but if you show up at 8 am you may only wait 5 minutes.

There are a few ways to check the wait time at all airports (some airports have there own custom way): The TSA, and MiFlight app. I would recommend using Flyontime or MiFlight, because who really trusts the government.

Also, our government has a bad track record with internet technology (Political opinions aside, Remember the Obamacare website launch?). Arrive at the right time and you will get through security much faster.

Check-in Online and Use a Mobile Boarding Pass

Move through the airport quicker

Image Courtesy of the City of Allan Airport

When you check in online and use a mobile boarding pass you save yourself the time at the airport by not having to stop at the counter.

You also don’t have to worry about which pocket your boarding pass is in – or if you lost it. Download the app offered by the airline you are flying on and take advantage of the mobile boarding pass. Most of the apps also offered added benefits like terminal maps, lounge locations, and the opportunity to change your seat up until a few hours before the flight (changing to a premium seat costs money or loyalty status is required). Using a mobile boarding pass gets us through the airport quicker, saves time and hassle.

Look at Terminal Maps Ahead of Time

How to Get Through the Airport Quicker

If you look at the terminal maps ahead of time you can plan the fastest way to get to your gate in time. This saves a little bit of time but can really save you from having a bad day if you like to cut it close like me. I wake up at 4:45 am for my 5:45 am flight and catch it one minute before :).

The maps are available on the airport website or within most airline apps. Get online before you arrive to figure out which is the best security line to go through and to plan your route to the gate. I also highly recommend doing this for connecting flights because a reasonable layover can turn into a sprint for your life if the flight gets delayed.

Your time is important, so don’t let your travel time cut into your life in negative ways. Follow my steps to get through the airport faster, and free up time to do the things that really matter.

Chasing a Waterfall in Columbus : VLOG (#002)

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls”  – TLC

Sometimes you just have to go against the wise words of TLC to discover fun things in your local area. In our case it was about discovering a waterfall in Columbus, Ohio.

As was the case this past weekend when my girlfriend and I decided to head out into the good ole’ outdoors on a day in February where the Ohio weather decided to peak in the mid 60’s. After we got over our amazement of this weather phenomena was providing, we decided on a whim to go adventure a bit. Her and I have been wanting to find a waterfall that was supposed to exist in Columbus, Ohio for a while. Mind you, our state is very flat even in Columbus. So the thought of a waterfall being in our city made little logistical sense to me. I had to see it to believe it.

Regardless, we did what any millennial couple would do when venturing to a new place… we Googled it. We found the park on Google Maps and proceeded to get lost even with technology at the helm. (and I’m a pilot)

SPOILER ALERT: We found it, like you see in my second (yes I said second) vlog, above!

The waterfall was surprisingly larger than I imagined. It was very cool and dare I say beautiful. Once we took the required Instagram photos and soaked in the beauty a bit, we decided to head on home.

waterfall in columbus ohio


But wait there’s more. We were near the Ohio State University airport (KOSU) so as any true #avgeek would do, we had to make a pit stop. I’ve been dating my gal for a while now, but I had yet to show her one of the biggest aspects of my life… aviation. I think this was a small sneak peak into where most of my life is spent during work and play. She was actually somewhat interested in how the airport operated as we stood face against the fence watching airplanes. She even watched airplanes fly off into the far distance long after their departure (all signs point to good). She may have been just putting on a show for me, but I’d like to think she is taking to the airplane thing. 😉

Anyway, it was a great outdoors day in the middle of a midwesterner winter. Back to hibernation and winter activities for a bit longer.

I Went Exploring in Cincinnati, Ohio : VLOG (#001)

I’ve vlogged before. It’s a really hard thing to do. I love making videos, I love creating digital “things”. So I decided, why the hell not try it again?

I used to complain about having so many projects and things that needed to get done, or that I wanted to attempt. Recently I have just decided to stop complaining and just buckle down and do the best that I can at all the things that I want to attempt. A vlog being one of them.

Done is better than perfect

That’s my phrase with this vlog. It will get increasingly better I hope as I get into the groove again of shooting and editing on a basic little Canon point and shoot. Yep, not pulling the Wilbur Agency video equipment out for this vlog (at least not yet).

I’d like to say once a week is when you can expect a video to drop, but let’s play it by ear. Plus, if you subscribe to my email or my channel you’ll get notified when the new one drops. I don’t have any agenda for what you will get every week. I know that could be annoying, but I think of it as a fun little weekly surprise for your eyes and ears.

Along the same lines, I’m working on revamping the Life Nomading Podcast and updating many other fun things for you to discover in the coming months.

Stay tuned…

But for now, watch the video above of my Valentines Day weekend spent exploring with my girlfriend (pictured many a times in the vlog) in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a little testament that for those on a budget, you can find fun within your own city or state. Explore more, your location should not be an excuse.

Cincinnati Highlights Include

cheapside cafe


Discovering one of the coolest third wave cafe’s. Cheapside Cafe in Cincinnati looks small from the outside, but surprisingly offered a ton of seating for the space. The vibes were perfect and the food was delicious. I got the Smoked-turkey-something-godly-awesome sandwich and kegged coffee (interesting).



Rachel is starting to get to know me pretty well. She showed me a spot called Alms Park in Cincinnati that gave me the best view of my favorite airport ever, Lunken Municipal Airport (KLUK). It was so cold, or else I would have spent the rest of the day there watching airplanes.

The Rookwood Cincinnati, Ohio
Valentines Day on a budget? Just go to a fancy delicious brunch where they serve awesome pancakes with a wonderful atmosphere (see it in my vlog). Answer: The Rookwood offered up some amazing carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese filling and curried cashews. I can’t wait to go back and get what Rachel got which looked just as amazing… Pork with Donut tasting french toast… yeah.


Rachel & Ian take on the world


Last but not least, taking on the adventures one more weekend at a time with the partner in crime was the highlight of it all. Mush Mush. Overall donuts, pancakes, museums (oh I forgot to mention that whoops), dogs, and views made it a pretty grand weekend.



I only ask two things of you if you semi enjoyed the video or article, comment below with what you would like to see more of and subscribe somewhere to this whole thing it would mean the world 🙂

How I Went Around the World for Less Than $3k

cheap way to travel around the world

*Disclaimer: I graduated from college in May 2015, and traveled until September 2015. I had one last “summer break” before starting work, so I spent as much time abroad as I could.

If you look at the places I went to (below) during the past 4 months, they were all very specific and planned out.

I either…

1. Had a friend there

2. Had family there


3. Had a friend who had a friend there

I never just showed up in a city and planned to crash at a hostel or hotel. Instead, I travel for a reason; I’m on a mission, and that mission isn’t to see the Eiffel Tower – that mission is to reunite with my old friends, engage with locals, and of course, eat good food.

And that’s what I did. After 4 months of traveling, I’m ready to say that I want stability again. I haven’t worked out at all (besides walking in the cities that were cold enough to walk in). I haven’t had a healthy diet in a while (I lack vegetables). I didn’t make an income (but that’s ok, because my focus was to just relax.) The travel bug is out of me for now, but who knows when it will strike again!

Below is the money I spent on transportation. My housing costs were $0!

Tip: Before staying at a friend’s house, I would always bring them a gift (usually food) from the country I was in previously! Small gestures like this are always appreciated. 


Transportation Expenses

New York > Boston (bus) ($15)
Boston, Massachusetts > Kefvlak, Iceland (KEF)($149.90) (cheap tickets to Iceland)
Kefvlak, Iceland > Reykjavik, Iceland (bus)($26.09)
Kefvlak, Iceland (KEF) > Hamburg, Germany ($80.69)
Hamburg, Germany > Amsterdam (bus)($10.15)
Amsterdam > Cologne, Germany (bus)($10.15)

…My cousin then bought my train ticket from Cologne to Bremen…

Bremen, Germany > Tallinn, Estonia ($79.84)
Tallinn, Estonia > Hamburg, Germany ($107.15)

… My friend’s mom picked me up when I landed in Hamburg…

Flensburg, Germany to Berlin, Germany (bus)($21.20)
Berlin, Germany to Lille, France (bus)($41.80)
Lille, France to London (bus)($16.94)
London St Pancreas to Kettering day trip (train)($29.84)

Bus to Gatwick ($5.47)
London Gatwick > Moscow, Russia ($150)
Moscow, Russia > Taipei, Taiwan ($239.7)
New ticket from London to Taipei ($780)
London Gatwick to London Heathrow ($15.47 + $9.28)

Taipei, Taiwan > Singapore ($93.28)
Singapore > Bali, Indonesia ($80.37)
Bali, Indonesia > Taipei, Taiwan ($106.06)
Taipei, Taiwan > San Francisco, California ($500)

So if you’re looking to take your travels around the world, I have some final words of advice. Take time to tap into the network of who you know, and travel to the places where you have friends! Not only will you get to explore a new place, you’ll get to create memories with a friend and have a free place to stay. For those who are thinking “I don’t have very many friends around the world”, start making friends today!

Epic Nomad Book Bundle Giveaway!

Life Nomading Giveaway

I love books, and I especially love books that help me!

When it comes to remote working and preparing for nomadic traveling I have had a lot of books influence me throughout the recent year. When I think of some of the best and most helpful books I have read in the past year, there are many more than just four that come to mind. However, without these four main books that I am giving away to one lucky awesome life nomad, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I wouldn’t be blogging here, I wouldn’t have quit my job when I did, and I certainly wouldn’t have clarity as to where my life’s passion is.

So here it is, four epic books that I want to giveaway to one awesome person (wish I could give them to everyone, but I’m “poor”).

These books will set you on a path that will likely change your life in the best way imaginable. That’s right, I am sending you 4 books and a few Life Nomading stickers! 🙂

I am a sucker for real physical books when I read, so be prepared for a stack of real and new pages if you win.

comboBooks included in this bundle:

– “The $100 Startup” by: Chris Guillebeau (hardcover)

– “The Happiness of Pursuit” by: Chris Guillebeau (hardcover)

– “Vagabonding” by: Rolf Potts

– “Rework” by: Jason Fried & David Heinemeier (hardcover)

Best of luck and don’t forget… every friend that enters via your special link gets you 3 more entries!!

Life Nomading Giveaway

My Trip to New York City

New York City Financial District | Life Nomading

Just recently I had the time to take a long awaited journey back to my favorite city, New York City. I decided that with a close friend doing an internship up there, and the winter season closing in, I should make the most of a trip in November.

Bus2NYC Columbus - Travel to NYC | Life Nomading

Let me start from the very beginning…

It was Thursday night and I rushed home from work to finish packing up my new Herschel Little American Backpack full to the drawstring with stuff. I would quickly learn that I packed too much for this trip, but those are minor details.

Herschel Supply Co. Little America Backpack

It was 7:00PM and I was frantically strategizing what clothes to bring to ensure I had enough to wear while also keeping space for other essentials in my backpack. Finally, I made a decision. With it being the start of the colder season, I knew my coat would be on most of the time anyway, so the Christmas sweater would not make the cut this trip.

Just kidding, I didn’t actually think about packing that.

The Bus Ride

My bus was set to leave for the trip at 11:00PM so I paced in excitement for a few hours until I finally conned my oh-so-gracious roommate Orion to take me to the bus stop. Was this a normal bus stop? Of course not. Instead of boarding at the normal bus station, this bus line had their own little white walled, foldable chair storefront on a busy Columbus downtown road. No big deal, I didn’t care I just wanted to get going.

BUS2NYC trip

BUS2NYC trip

Finally the moment I had been waiting for. I heard the guy behind the counter yell that the Bus2NYC Columbus bus had arrived. We followed him outside and on the side of the street was our oh-so-sparkly bus. (a bit of prefaced sarcasm)

I boarded our bus to find that there were a handful of passengers already in deep sleep (or at least pretending to be). It turned out to be fine, there were few people taking the bus and I lucked out with my very own row of two seats.

Being a bus riding newb, I barely knew how to behave in this world. Do I work on my computer? Do I lay on the seats with my 6’3” stature while hanging over the other’s rows of seats? Or do I sit there and think about this the entire bus ride of eleven hours.

I decided to do something about it. I tried writing a bit, and then my neck got sore. I tried sprawling out, and then my greed was too overbearing. Finally, I settled on a happy medium, the fetal position.

With my coat under my head, and my earphones in, I was able to get spouts of rest between the unbearable heat they cranked up and the eerie times we stopped on the side of the rode to shut the bus down “for a little while.”

We never did figure out why they did that…

“Creak” I heard and instantly woke up and found ourselves at a gas station to take a break. All of us bus riders filed out of the bus and into the convenient store. Perhaps the funniest site to see is 50 people half awake, barely knowing where they were and what they are looking for in the store.

f'real smoothie | Life Nomad

f’real smoothie @ 3:00AM

I couldn’t help but laugh, but I knew I looked the same exact way.

We all boarded the bus and made our push towards NYC once more. After one more stop, and a few conversations with future bus friends later… we were in China Town, NYC!

The Weekend


As I disembarked the Bus2NYC bus from hell, I was surrounded by the sites and sounds of NYC. I had finally made it “home.”

At this point, it was Friday morning and I had the entire day to walk around with absolutely no plans. My friend who I was staying with for the weekend was at work for the day, so I was left to figure the day out (which is what I love). I walked, and I walked, oh and I walked some more.

I then realized that this would be the perfect opportunity to meet people I had met online who live in the city. So I did exactly that.

I texted a photographer named Steven Turner, who I had networked with online to see if he wanted to meet and get lunch. Badabing-badaboom, he did! We met up and went to get some extremely delicious Pad Tai

New York pad thai | Nomad Life

Pad Thai from heaven

After that, since I had no clue where I was going, he and I ended up walking the city for the rest of the day until my friend got off work. It was awesome having him show me around the city more (and not all the tourist traps) and getting to talk with him more in-person.

The evening came, and my friend Audra was finally out of work and ready to chill for the weekend.

We ended up eating out with some of her friends and boy was the food great at the restaurant called The Hummus Place.

After that, we went back and relaxed for the evening before getting the random but undeniable craving for a Sprinkles cupcake ATM walk. Yes, it’s an ATM that spits out fresh cupcakes. I kid you not.

Sprinkles Cupcakes NYC | Life Nomading

Sprinkles Cupcakes: Pumpkin and Red Velvet

We ate those, and then to bed we went in preparation for a Saturday full of fun!


So Audra required me to make a short list of things I wanted to do while in NYC. This was more difficult than I had imagined. We ended up settling on a few fun tasks:

1. Get a NYC Bagel

Coconut Bagel | Life Nomading

We visited one of the bajillion bagel shops in NYC to get these huge bagels. I got a coconut bagel toasted with Maple Bacon cream cheese… It was more than amazing. I wish I could share the deliciousness with you, but I ate it too quickly.

2. Ride the subway

New York City Subway | Life Nomading

Uneventful task, but we got it done as we ventured to Brooklyn.

3. Visit Brooklyn
Random Brooklyn street exploring

Random street exploring

I instantly fell in love with Brooklyn when we visited it. There is something more relaxed and quieter that is pleasant to have so near to the bustling city of New York.

I heart NYC kid | Life Nomading

Cute kid while exploring Brooklyn

4. Drink a Manhattan in Manhattan

I guarantee we did this on Saturday night, but sadly I have no picture to prove it. So here is a photo of us at the Karaoke night!

New York City | Life NomadingProof enough!

The night concluded with us walking home and passing out… So much for Time Square at 4AM. We just couldn’t stay awake.


After a long drawn out morning of figuring out how to wake up and feel human again, my friend and I went out into the NYC world to attempt to act human for the day. We managed to walk the night before off and hit local sweets, sights, and general fun.

As it got later and later in the Sunday, I was getting closer and closer to my bus departure time. We finally made our way back to her apartment so I could pack up and prepare for the long trip home. Reluctant to leave, I finally willed myself to begin the 40 minute walk back to China Town.

Since it was 8:00PM, it was plenty dark already and made for a wonderful journey back to my bus stop.

Night time NYC | Life Nomading

Night time NYC

I got to the bus stop plenty early, so I stopped at a Dunkin’ Donuts to load up on sugar. The lady behind the counter was so kind, she even threw me a couple extra donuts!

Time passed, and then boom I was on the bus 30 minutes earlier than expected. I was thinking how great this was to be early!

And then a lady lost her cool…

What turned out to be a 30 minute early departure ended up being an hour late departure. The lady screaming at the top of her lungs sat at the front of the bus demanding that the driver had let her on the bus. Finally, the cops came and it all got sorted out. Her and her gaggle of girls ended up on our bus.

No one was happy about it.

After that fight, the rest of the trip home was uneventful. We made it into Columbus, Ohio promptly at 7:00AM where I woke up to us stopping. I got out of my seat, grabbed my bag, and said my “nice meeting yous'” to a girl that I thought was cool during the trip to and from (foolish Ian fails to even get her name) and then I disembarked the bus.

Normal people would go home. But since I was only a few blocks away from work, I just rolled in early. Same clothes from the previous day, but I didn’t care.

Final remarks

So as you can see, that was a quick run down of some of the best moments during the trip. I could easily fill this out to be a longer story, but I want you to instead experience your own trip. Book a ticket today to get yourself to NYC for a weekend. It will be the best money you will spend this year.

For me personally, this was my second trip to NYC this year. I can tell you that this is the place I see myself living for longer periods of time in the future. NYC in my opinion is in a way its own little nomadic adventure. You could live there your entire life and always be exploring and discovering new things.

If you take nothing away from this article, at the very least try the New York City experience for a weekend and then tell me how it goes.

I want to give a shout out again to my good friend Audra for allowing me to chill with her over the weekend and show me where all the cool stuff is. Thanks so much!