Change is hard.

Hear me out.

Figuring out new norms is a difficult task to bestow upon just about anyone, even me. But the truth about life is that change happens and it’s inevitable. You can’t control that even if you desperately want to.

For me change happened this past week. I had a wakeup call and it turned into an opportunity for me to reflect on who I am, what I wanted, and what the point of this whole life thing is (in a healthy way of course). I ended up taking the week off from most work to figure out what this all meant.

Sure, I didn’t discover the meaning of life, but I figured a few smaller things out.

It’s no secret I haven’t written much on this blog lately, hell for the last year and a half Life Nomading practically fell silent. I got deep into my business, slogging along just trying to figure out a way to make it as a business owner at age 23. To be honest, every day is a struggle but that’s not what this post is about. Even more importantly, is that I felt like I was posing to you all. I wasn’t practicing what I preached.

Why I’m writing this today is that this recent change I’m experiencing has been equally painful as it has been eye opening. I’ve preached so many times for you to follow your passion, to take the unconventional path, and to explore the world. Yet I failed to follow some of my own fricken advice.

That’s why I just need to explore.

Not to runaway from my problems, not to mask feelings or delusions, but just for myself.

I need to take some time to work remotely AROUND our nation, I want to meet all you fellow Life Nomading explorers, and I want to take in the beauty of what a well rounded nation has to offer my soul.

But this is where I make an ask to you to help make this possible.

If you enjoy what Life Nomading means to you, and you live somewhere in the U.S. with an extra couch or a few square feet on the floor, I’d love to barter with you. I would love to help with chores (I’m not afraid to clean toilets), buy you a beer or two, or three, go on a photo adventure and get you some epic new photos, or anything else in exchange for a few days of a roof over my head as I experience your wonderful city.

I don’t have a set plan yet. I’m still figuring this all out as we head into the holiday season. Expect to be updated with a general plan once it’s all “sorted” out in my own head first.

With a new camera in hand and no agenda in mind, I just want to explore this nation, work remote (for real), meet remarkable people from all walks of life, and capture the beauty to share with you all. I believe that I will share my adventures on this blog once again, but there’s no commercial intent I have. I just want to see the world more and reflect.

But I could use your help, advice, I could even use your winter travel packing tips for a prolonged wondering session.

Cheers and I hope you follow along… or don’t and go do your own thing,