The Coffee Shop Beauty

Death to Stock Photo | Life Nomading

You are sitting there at your favorite coffee shop…

It has been a very productive day and you are working so feverishly hard on your client’s work that you are totally zoned in.

Coffee shops are a part of your freelance lifestyle and without them you have no clue as to how you would get all the stuff done that you get done in your day.

For the small price of a chai tea latte (in my case) or a tall cup of coffee you can pop a squat at any coffee shop and get your freelance work done as long as you would like during your day.

Are there a couple of added benefits to working remotely at a coffee shop? Of course…

There is the possibility of running into your friends…

Endless sights, sounds, and smells keep your creative senses rejuvenated…

and the motivation to look half decent during the day instead of boxers at your home desk is always in effect…

These are all aspects of the coffee shop freelance lifestyle that keep us coming back for more, but did I forget one? No, no… I am saving it for last.

Every now and then, your razor like focus on your client work is interrupted by one thing. No, not the smells, the sounds, or even your friends entering the shop.

That interruption is what I like to call the Coffee Shop Beauty. As if sitting in a coffee shop isn’t already a perfect setup for an artistic poetic story about a beautiful girl sitting in silence alone, I feel it needs a bit more explaining.

There are plenty of beautiful women in the world (duh), and no I don’t just mean how they look on the outside. Instead I mean how they act and hold themselves and the aura they give off when they enter the freelancer’s workplace.

It’s a distraction that if you ask any dude freelancer, they will nod in secret agreement. Secretly, we want to approach these almost figment like characters of our imagination. Perhaps we could muster up the courage to strike up a conversation and then be the lucky one that gets a phone number or even a date. Maybe it’s the coffee roast smells going to our hearts, or the romantic aspect of a coffee shop love story, I’m not exactly sure. But there is something about this place that makes us hopeless romantics for a beautiful creative woman.

But then again, a part of us just loves to leave these special beautiful people to be in their element. Almost as if the potential of interaction should be left to our imagination. It’s like our little mystery that we don’t want to be solved, really ever.

I too get distracted by beautiful creative women in coffee shops. I can’t help it. (I can only speak from the male perspective, I’d love to hear a female’s point of view).

Maybe it’s just the style that I’m into. Perhaps, it’s the fact that they are coming to a coffee shop to work, be inspired, to learn, or create. There is something really artistic about it all, and I think that is why I may be so enamored.

One of my good friends once approached one of these figments-of-beauty coffee shop girls. He ended up getting her number and actually went on a few dates with her before it was destined for no more. This all happened only after he left the coffee shop only to make a U-turn in mid traffic to go all the way back just to talk to her. What a dude with some big kahunas. See this is what these beauties do to us!

See I don’t know what it is about them, but I don’t know if I will ever approach one of these coffee shop beauties like my friend did. First, because I am not one to approach women in such obvious ways (although I hope to try and step up my “game” one of these days). Secondly, because I honestly think it’s just part of the freelancing lifestyle and is to be expected.

This tale is from an overwhelming amount of experiences of seeing so many beautiful people and souls in coffee shops as a freelancer.

Can you relate?