I Went Exploring in Cincinnati, Ohio : VLOG (#001)

Holtmans Donuts

I’ve vlogged before. It’s a really hard thing to do. I love making videos, I love creating digital “things”. So I decided, why the hell not try it again?

I used to complain about having so many projects and things that needed to get done, or that I wanted to attempt. Recently I have just decided to stop complaining and just buckle down and do the best that I can at all the things that I want to attempt. A vlog being one of them.

Done is better than perfect

That’s my phrase with this vlog. It will get increasingly better I hope as I get into the groove again of shooting and editing on a basic little Canon point and shoot. Yep, not pulling the Wilbur Agency video equipment out for this vlog (at least not yet).

I’d like to say once a week is when you can expect a video to drop, but let’s play it by ear. Plus, if you subscribe to my email or my channel you’ll get notified when the new one drops. I don’t have any agenda for what you will get every week. I know that could be annoying, but I think of it as a fun little weekly surprise for your eyes and ears.

Along the same lines, I’m working on revamping the Life Nomading Podcast and updating many other fun things for you to discover in the coming months.

Stay tuned…

But for now, watch the video above of my Valentines Day weekend spent exploring with my girlfriend (pictured many a times in the vlog) in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a little testament that for those on a budget, you can find fun within your own city or state. Explore more, your location should not be an excuse.

Cincinnati Highlights Include

cheapside cafe


Discovering one of the coolest third wave cafe’s. Cheapside Cafe in Cincinnati looks small from the outside, but surprisingly offered a ton of seating for the space. The vibes were perfect and the food was delicious. I got the Smoked-turkey-something-godly-awesome sandwich and kegged coffee (interesting).



Rachel is starting to get to know me pretty well. She showed me a spot called Alms Park in Cincinnati that gave me the best view of my favorite airport ever, Lunken Municipal Airport (KLUK). It was so cold, or else I would have spent the rest of the day there watching airplanes.

The Rookwood Cincinnati, Ohio
Valentines Day on a budget? Just go to a fancy delicious brunch where they serve awesome pancakes with a wonderful atmosphere (see it in my vlog). Answer: The Rookwood offered up some amazing carrot cake pancakes with cream cheese filling and curried cashews. I can’t wait to go back and get what Rachel got which looked just as amazing… Pork with Donut tasting french toast… yeah.


Rachel & Ian take on the world


Last but not least, taking on the adventures one more weekend at a time with the partner in crime was the highlight of it all. Mush Mush. Overall donuts, pancakes, museums (oh I forgot to mention that whoops), dogs, and views made it a pretty grand weekend.



I only ask two things of you if you semi enjoyed the video or article, comment below with what you would like to see more of and subscribe somewhere to this whole thing it would mean the world 🙂