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How to Move to Iceland from US

How to Move to Iceland from US

By Ian Hoyt // Jun 9, 2021

Iceland may sound cold and uninhabitable, but the country is one of the most wonderful places to live. Iceland’s natural surroundings are incredible and fun to explore while residents are welcoming to those who decide to move there. Icelanders enjoy the best of both worlds since the capital city is a busy urban center, one that features a small-town feel where you can socialize and experience a little nightlife. If you’re ready to become an […]

Best Value Portuguese Wines in New York City

By Ian Hoyt // Jan 25, 2020

If you’re on the search for the best value Portuguese wines in New York City we’ve searched far and wide so you don’t have to. Finding a good amount of value Portuguese wines in the city was quite difficult actually. When I think of NYC I think you can find anything you want. Well, it wasn’t like that when it came to Portuguese wines. I have a couple of theories on why it is like […]

north portugal vineyard

22 Best Things To Do In Porto, Portugal

By Ian Hoyt // Jan 17, 2020

There are so many things to do in Porto, Portugal that our list could be endless. However, we’ve decided to share only our very favorite things you could totally be doing on your visit to Porto. Whether you’re joining us on our Portugal trip or going at it alone make your next adventure one for the record books. Be sure to go through the entire list, because the best ones aren’t necessarily at the very […]

Central Park sailboats

Central Park Sailboats

By Ian Hoyt // Jun 5, 2019

If you love nautical activities and are visiting New York City, maybe the Central Park Sailboats have been on your “must-do” list of experiences while you’re here. If you’re a local just searching for a way to spend a leisurely Saturday check out our thoughts on what it’s like to sail the “open” waters of Central Park. Is sailing RC boats in Central Park the most exciting activity in the city that never sleeps? Definitely […]

10 TV Shows and Movies to Watch Before you Go to Iceland

By Ian Hoyt // Apr 30, 2019

Iceland has a surprisingly strong connection to major films and tv shows for an island country with one of the smallest populations. Smash hit TV shows such as Game of Thrones and major movies filmed in Iceland like and all used this beautiful country as it’s backdrop. There is also a collection of critically acclaimed Icelandic movies you should keep an eye out for as well. We created a list of the films and shows […]

Best Time to Visit Iceland

Ultimate Guide to The Best Time to Visit Iceland

By Ian Hoyt // Mar 30, 2019

Traveling to Iceland is a must if you’re like me and have a love for natural landscape adventures. It’s hard not to want to explore a place that is known for all of its natural beauty, still silence, and purity. Iceland has similar seasons throughout its year (read: drizzly rain and just a bit of cold always), but some months are better than others depending on what you want to do and see there. Let’s […]

glacier walk iceland

How to Walk on Glaciers in Iceland

By Ian Hoyt // Mar 3, 2019

There are endless, and I mean endless things you can spend your time doing when you decide to go on an adventure to the beautiful country of Iceland. But nothing quite beats taking an Icelandic glacier walk or ice caving adventure. Our Life Nomading Iceland trip admittedly does this on our five-day trip and it’s quite a hit. I mean who wouldn’t want to walk on glaciers, right?! But as much fun as glacier walks […]

what do bulgarians eat

What Do Bulgarians Eat

By Mitko Karshovski // Feb 18, 2019

Bulgaria is located in the southeastern part of the Balkans. With that location, comes a tradition of phenomenal food that makes even the biggest of foodies blush. At one point in time, this region of the world was occupied by the Romans, Greeks, and Turks making it a crazy melting pot of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. If you love food and are wondering what do Bulgarians eat, here are some of the dishes you can’t […]

Crazy NYC Subway Stories

Crazy NYC Subway Stories

By Ian Hoyt // Feb 18, 2019

If you spend any amount of time in New York City you’re bound to take the MTA Subway a time or two. For those that live in the city, they can chew your ear off with all the crazy stories, people, and experiences they have had while underground on the subway. In this episode, we bring in our friends and colleagues to share some of their craziest subway encounters while living here. Show Notes Check out […]