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glacier walk iceland

How to Walk on Glaciers in Iceland

By Ian Hoyt // Mar 3, 2019

There are endless, and I mean endless things you can spend your time doing when you decide to go on an adventure to the beautiful country of Iceland. But nothing quite beats taking an Icelandic glacier walk or ice caving adventure. Our Life Nomading Iceland trip admittedly does this on our five-day trip and it’s quite a hit. I mean who wouldn’t want to walk on glaciers, right?! But as much fun as glacier walks […]

what do bulgarians eat

What Do Bulgarians Eat

By Mitko Karshovski // Feb 18, 2019

Bulgaria is located in the southeastern part of the Balkans. With that location, comes a tradition of phenomenal food that makes even the biggest of foodies blush. At one point in time, this region of the world was occupied by the Romans, Greeks, and Turks making it a crazy melting pot of Mediterranean and Arabic cuisine. If you love food and are wondering what do Bulgarians eat, here are some of the dishes you can’t […]

Crazy NYC Subway Stories

Crazy NYC Subway Stories

By Ian Hoyt // Feb 18, 2019

If you spend any amount of time in New York City you’re bound to take the MTA Subway a time or two. For those that live in the city, they can chew your ear off with all the crazy stories, people, and experiences they have had while underground on the subway. In this episode, we bring in our friends and colleagues to share some of their craziest subway encounters while living here. Show Notes Check out […]

luggage storage in nyc

Where to Store Luggage in New York City

By Ian Hoyt // Feb 13, 2019

About to visit New York City, or already here and need to quickly find a place to put your luggage? In this article, we’ll cover options for luggage storage in NYC so you won’t need to fuss with bags. Get ready to have the time of your life in the best city on earth. We have this exact problem all the time when we travel the globe. We get into a new city and want […]

wash and fold in nyc

Ultimate Guide to Using a NYC Laundromat

By Ian Hoyt // Jan 21, 2019

Let’s get real, doing your laundry is a necessary evil whether you’re visiting NYC or living in this wonderful city long-term. What isn’t so wonderful is navigating the NYC laundromat. Which one to choose? Should you do it yourself or have them take care of it? What about just having someone pick it up at your door? Take a deep breath in, we’re going to answer all your dirty laundry qualms, and before you know […]

New York for Single Travellers

New York for Single Travellers

By Caroline Lloyd // Jan 20, 2019

Whether you’re here on business or just visiting to cross some city sights off your bucket list, New York is for single travellers: A place where you’re never alone, but can make decisions for yourself (and no one cares). New York bliss. NYC has something to offer everyone, but here are a few things to welcome you to the world of  New York for single travellers. Transit Don’t be scared. Take public transportation. Not only will […]

Loctote Review

By Caroline Lloyd // Jan 14, 2019

I’m a walking tour guide, and quite honestly I hate taking my big backpack with me on every tour in New York City. In this Loctote review, I cover my thoughts on the simple yet powerful drawstring (or drawcord) rather bag that I take with me during my days adventuring around New York City. At first glance, this can look like just another drawstring bag but upon closer inspection, you can quickly begin to see […]

vienna travel guide

Vienna Travel Guide

By Ian Hoyt // Jan 3, 2019

When you walk the streets of Vienna, you’ll find yourself constantly asking, “why can’t all cities be this beautiful?” In a word, Magical doesn’t even begin to do this city justice. While this Vienna Travel Guide will lay out our experiences and must-dos, we left Vienna with a broken heart; We know there is so much more left to see. Without further adieu, let’s dive into one of our favorite European cities. Table of Contents […]

most comfortable way to sleep in a tent

Most Comfortable Way to Sleep in a Tent

By Ian Hoyt // Dec 11, 2018

It’s no secret that the most comfortable way to sleep in a tent can be a hard task while out there adventuring in the world. Over the course of my tent adventuring days, I have found a few techniques and products that I have used to make sleeping in a tent as enjoyable an experience as humanly possible. It’s also worth mentioning that cold and warm weather comfort are very different when it comes to staying comfortable […]