An Ian Hoyt PSA: I’m On That Edge

Ian Hoyt | Life Nomading

This past week I reflected on how I really wanted to focus Life Nomading.

I have been writing on here for about seven months now, and while it has been awesome I feel like I am really spanning the wide breadth of topics on here. You can find articles about creating blogs to relationship talk, and even how to save money. While writing about all these different topics has it’s place and while it can be good for a blog, in all honesty it makes it a bit difficult when you start out (I feel like this blog is still very much a baby).

Incase you didn’t know, before I began Life Nomading I had a blog called “Writings for the Soul“. It was all about soulful stuff. I really niched down into emotional writing about what it means to be self aware of who you are. I talked a lot about passion seeking, relationships, morals and such. It was fun and it was great, but I got burned out. The moral of this little story is that the “Writings for the Soul” blog was only around for a few months, and although short lived I had started to build a really great following of diehard readers (crazy I know).

This was AWESOME and made my heart extremely happy! It was great being able to talk to all my readers and help them stay positive.

But then I abandoned them for a few months. No one heard from me and I just stopped writing.

Long story short, like I said I got burned out of what to write about.

Learning a lot from that blog, I regrouped to start this! Now I managed to bring some of those previous subscribers over to Life Nomading, but it just hasn’t been the same since. I think it has a lot to do with my focus here. Did I lose sight as to what I was really good at writing about? Did I shoot or aim too high at first? I’m not 100% sure.

That is why I really want to bring back my unfiltered voice back into this blog. Don’t get me wrong, all of the articles and podcasts I have created up until this point are totally me. But instead of writing for what I think people will love, I am going to begin anew writing what I love. I hope in return to bring you back, the one that once loved reading my stuff because of how it made you feel.

This being said, the other piece of the pie is to FOCUS on what I intended this blog to be about in the very first place. This is a place to document my remote working lifestyle.

The bi-product of this lifestyle can be adventures, travel, business building, etc, but at my core I want to provide insight into the life of a remote worker. The ups and downs and all-arounds so you can hopefully grow from it as well in your life.

So what does being on the edge mean, Ian?

Glad you asked my friends.

The grux of it is that I make very little money in total right now (You can see this in my January 2015 Earnings Report). However, I am fully remote in my work. Trade-offs.

As it stands now, the next two years I will have one cost that I hate: rent. When you factor in other stuff like food it ends up being: my revenue ≤ my costs.

What the hell am I getting at?

I am on the edge of having to give up a little of my remote working lifestyle in order to make ends meet. Recently I began searching for a part-time job, but in the midst of my frantic search online I realized I was giving in to what I hate. I was taking the easy route. Why would I do such a thing!

This remote lifestyle isn’t meant to be easy and fun all the time. It’s just meant to be an alternative. In the end, I forced myself to close the job application tabs on my browser. Fuck that.

If I want to show the lifestyle of a remote worker and be at least one real documentation for all, I must stick to my guns. The reason I quit my job in the first place was because I hate scheduled work.

So I am on that edge of barely paying my bills. I will do everything in my power not to take a part-time job. I know I can do it, and if I can do it you can too.

This was a PSA from Ian