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Caroline and I have learned a lot while podcasting the last couple of months. What we realized is that our favorite part of travel is swapping stories with other travel friends and learning about other countries through the experiences others had outside the typical tourist traps. A community helping others explore.

We want those stories to be shared with everyone, from everyone. That is why, we are launching a new series on this show. We’re bringing in you! Share some of the most fun, adventurous, or perhaps sketchy moments during your trips around the world with our listeners.

All bets are off. From brief moments with locals that left an impact on your life, to near-death experiences, we’re not sure what kind of stories we will uncover, but we are excited to share them.

If you have a story that you think is worth sharing with our listeners, please don’t hesitate for a second to reach out to us we want to learn more about it.


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Show Transcript

Ian Hoyt: Hey there fellow nomads. This is Ian and Caroline and this is the Life Nomading podcast.

Ian Hoyt: Hey there fellow nomads. It’s Ian and Caroline and welcome back to the Life Nomading podcast.

Caroline Lloyd: We’re going to keep this short and sweet for right now. This is pretty much a public service announcement.

Ian Hoyt: A PSA, if you will. So I’m sure you’ve heard some of our episodes prior to this, right? And we talked about like what is home, we’ve talked about different travel tips, packing luggage, getting through the airport, stuff like that. We’ve been all over the place. I think that’s fair to say, right Caroline?

Caroline Lloyd: It is. But we kind of realized that that’s, we kind of want to go in a different direction.

Ian Hoyt: And it kind of gets back to what Life Nomading is all about. We’re all about community and the way you interact with travel

Caroline Lloyd: You don’t want to sit there and listen to us preach about how we travel all the time because quite honestly everyone travels differently.

Caroline Lloyd: So we kind of want to take that and turn this podcast towards you. So we’re going to start a little series

Ian Hoyt: By series She actually means it’s what we’re going to be focusing on here on out.

Caroline Lloyd: But we just want to hear your stories. We want to hear what travel is all about. And those are the experiences that you take away from a destination and continue to tell.

Ian Hoyt: Yeah, absolutely. So what does this mean for the podcast? What does this mean for you guys? So we realize that everyone has, like you were saying, those stories those things that just need to be out in the universe. I know I have plenty, but I’m going to, I’m going to hold back my stories for later. And I know you have plenty as well. But what you can do if you’re listening and you have, oh, I got that story from the middle of Brazil, or I have that crazy story when I was adventuring in, I don’t know, Portugal.

Ian Hoyt: Who knows? You have that story you want to share with us. We would love to talk to you about it on this very podcast. So what you need to do is you need to go to and that’s going to take you to our podcast homepage. You will see clearly an application button where you can fill out and request us to reach out to you and talk to you about those awesome stories you have.

Caroline Lloyd: And if you don’t want to be interviewed, we still want to hear your stories. So if you just want to like shorten it and sweeten it and send them over, um, and kind of like describe what your experience was that you want to share. You don’t have to talk. We know that public speaking isn’t for everyone, but we would still love to hear it.

Ian Hoyt: So I don’t know Caroline, I don’t have a name for this yet, but you know, I think you suggested what? Travel Tails.

Caroline Lloyd: Yeah. Fondly recognizing Dragon Tails or The Ferry God Parents, or Airport Allegories it has to be, uh, uh, what is that? Alliteration.

Ian Hoyt: So our homework is when we launched these next week, yeah, we’ll have a better name for them. So we’re really excited. This feels more right to us and what we’re about at Life Nomading. We hope you guys will love listening to these awesome, crazy and sometimes risky tales from people’s travels around the world.

Caroline Lloyd: We have a couple up our sleeve, but if you guys have anything that you really want to share or say, don’t be scared. If it’s too boring or you know, not exciting enough, not exotic enough, we still want to hear them. So just go ahead and submit them.

Ian Hoyt: So that’s all we have for this episode. As always, if you’re excited for these upcoming episodes, be sure to subscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Overcast, wherever you enjoy listening to our podcast most. Hit that subscribe button. Yeah, and we’ll see you back here next Monday for that first storytime travel tale allegory airport. Allegories. So until next time, I’m Ian and I’m Caroline and, uh, go explore something. See you soon.