LN 004: TinderHacks with Blake Jamieson

Blake Jamieson | TinderHacks

Have you ever tried the dating app Tinder before?

Your answer will likely vary depending on your relationship status, but if you are a 20 or 30 something single dude or chick, the odds are that you have dipped your toes into the Tinder pond before. The crazy thing though, is that Tinder is actually an awesome platform to test out your personal brand, meet new people in unfamiliar places, and yes of course potentially date. Even more though, one digital marketer named Blake Jamieson managed to use Tinder as a social experiment for dating and marketing. CRAZY I know!

Now get this, his experiment went viral when he released how he hacked Tinder to help convert more Tinderers to matches and get the girls talking. His work has been all over the web and most notably it was featured in an article on AdWeek.com.

He began picking up traction and realized there was a huge opportunity. Thus, TinderHacks his eBook and other extras were born to help guys do the same thing he managed to crack the code on! In this episode of the Life Nomading Podcast, I sit down with Blake over Skype and talk with him about his journey towards creating an eProduct that now generates him quality passive income.

We surround this conversation with his case study of TinderHacks. So if you are a guy listening in, towards the end of the episode he includes some of his tested tricks from his eBook on how to help you rock it on Tinder!

Blake Jamieson | TinderHacksWhat you will learn in this episode:

  • Listen in as Blake shares his journey towards an awesome passive income product.
  • Discover some exclusive tips for rocking Tinder straight out of Blake’s TinderHacks eBook.

Links mentioned in this article:

TinderHacks is Blake Jamieson’s extremely helpful eBook + Extras that helps guys get more matches and numbers. I read it and tested some of his strategies and honestly found that I too was getting more out of the app after reading his book.

Blake mentioned that one of his biggest inspirations has been Tim Ferriss and his book The 4-Hour Workweek.

Other honorable mentions that have helped shape Blake’s marketing and online lifestyles include Gary Vaynerchuk and Pat Flynn

Be sure to follow Blake on Twitter @BlakeJamieson and visit his personal blog www.BlakeJamieson.com

Final Thoughts

This was a fun conversation with Blake! Tinder is one of those apps in today’s culture that has so many stigmas attached to it. I think we uncover a whole additional side to this app that will allow so many of you to think about marketing and branding yourselves in creative and unique ways on such an interesting platform. Thanks Blake for chatting 🙂