LN 007: A PSA to You

Ian Hoyt - Be Unconventional

It’s been one hell of a long time since I last uploaded a new podcast episode. It takes a lot of time and a lot of dedication to keep a podcast going. But recently I have changed my train of mind and now am creating Life Nomading stuff like a mad man. Audio, video, and articles (even a book). You name it, I’m really enjoying putting in the time and hard work to bring as much value as I can to you all.

This episode is a short rant from yours truly about exactly that. I say I was drinking water, but I think you can tell there’s a hint of a wine kind of night that came with this recording.

With this new found wind under my wings, comes some changes:

  1. I have moved to Soundcloud. It’s a cool social audio platform that allows for Life Nomading to grow. So if you’re an iTunes listener, have no fear, nothing will changes. But now, you have the ability to listen here, on iTunes or Soundcloud.
  2. Episodes will have different styles. Gone are the days of only interviewing people for an hour. Being that this show is all about being unconventional, you can expect to get interviews, my personal thoughts, and other creative podcast ideas that I want to hold onto for now. 🙂
  3. Quality will increase. Audio quality, levels, etc… will all increase. I promise!

I’m excited. I bet you can tell.

Let’s get it going!