Part 2: Adventures in Sumatra, Indonesia

Samosir Village

We woke up at 8 to catch the 9am ferry. Everyone was up so early; the market was in full swing. What had been dark and deserted the night before now was filled with vibrant colours and shouting.

Parapat, Indonesia
The fruit stall at the market in Parapat, Indonesia

The Ferry to Samosir

We were playing a guitar out front and eating some fried rice for breakfast. We caught the attention of a guide, and musician, Himbit. He joined in on our jam and we began singing some nonsensical melody.

Nothing in Indonesia seems to leave on a consistent schedule. Before we realized it , the 9am ferry left at 8:55. Himbit said “I saw it was about to leave but I didn’t want to interrupt the awesome jam!” It felt like we would never get to Tuk Tuk, and we really wished our jam would have been a little less “awesome” so Himbit would have told us the boat was leaving.

A half a day on the plane, 7 hours in a car, and a night in the grimy, yet character filled, Charlie Inn had still left us one boat ride short.

Landing on Tuk Tuk

We caught the next ferry, and Himbit went over with us. We were apprehensive. Did he want to befriend us or take advantage of us – what was in it for him. 

The cottage was finally before us. We jumped off the dock. Finally. Paradise.

A fisherman lifts his net just off the boat dock on Parapat.

Small Batak houses, lush greenery, and palm trees lined the translucent blue lake. We grabbed food at the restaurant and talked with the Dutchman who owned the estate.

After some swimming, the night finally winded down.  We looked on the lake as the moon’s reflection shimmered on the water.

In the distance we heard faint singing in harmony echoing off the lake. It was beautiful, and unlike anything we had ever heard. I looked at Harrison and said “Do you hear that?” Harrison responded, “Yeah, where is it?” I responded, “I don’t know but we are about to find out.”

I convinced Harrison that we would spend our night following the music, and see where it lead us. Music found it’s way into everything at Tuk Tuk, and we were about to learn first hand. Find out what happens in Part 3: Adventures in Sumatra.

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