Self Care

Zach Friedman | Life Nomading

To heal one’s self from the ailments of daily living, to create a constant state of active rest. This is the prescription to a subscription of livelihood: investing on being grounded. Be the one rooted in the nutrients that nuirsh the world.

It’s not about making the world a better place. It’s about making yourself the best self you can be. That is the hero’s journey. That is living with intent. To go from the depths of your human resource, to emerge as one of the beings which is being exactly what is was meant to be.

Living the bliss, being Buddha mind, or wui-wui (the uncarved wooden block). Caring for one’s self is not selfish- it is really selfless, for acts of self care benefit others, as taking care of others is best for of self care.

So what?

Well… thus means, not to be superficial,  but you need to become a MAN. A real mother fucking man. With all the trials and tribulations of adulthood. Real relationships, be fit, eat well, take care of finances, have your shit together. Be that sexy ass man women find endeering.

Then- as you continue to be your mindfull, full, complete self, you will unlock being wui-wui, sailing lightly on life and finding flow amongst the waves of world.

Life, life is a lot like surfing. Catching the wave and riding effortlessly is not really what surfing is. Surfing is about pursuing the wave, being in the water.