Remote Team Retreats, tailor-made.

Bob, from HR, is in Ohio. Rebecca, your Developer, is in San Fran. Your CEO, Alice? Well, she’s all over the world.

Remote work rocks, but sometimes it’s good to get face time that isn’t on Zoom. Take a team retreat, and let us take care of the details. You have work to do.

We ❤️ Bringing Remote Teams & Travel Together

Our focus is crafting custom, team retreats that fit perfectly into your company’s unique culture and objectives. We get to know you, because no team retreat should ever be the same.

What will we do?

Let’s be clear, we stay far away from stuffy leadership and teamwork ice breakers (this isn’t 5th-grade summer camp). Teams get more out of moments that push them outside their comfort zones. We’re trading in hotel conference rooms for hanging out on a local farm in Iceland or hopping a train to Budapest for the day together.

startup team retreat

We Offer Different Retreats for Different Goals


remote team retreat to iceland
  • All play and little to no work
  • Reward your team for a job well done
  • Onboard new members in an unforgettable way, or retain top talent from leaving.


remote team retreats
  • Equal parts work & play
  • Trade working over a Google Hangout for working over the ocean
  • Kickoff new projects in the mountains
  • Give quarterly updates over Italian wine


product launch for remote team
  • All work & barely any play
  • Get everyone together for hyper-efficiency
  • Don’t waste a minute worrying about logistics, you have a project to do


First thing’s first, we’ll chat with your team, learn more about your goals, and answer all of your looming questions. Just fill out the quiz below and we'll get started!


But Where?

Have ideas in mind? Let us know!

No ideas? We have lots of suggestions. We use our team’s experience with crazy adventure travel, remote work, and an assessment of you to craft something your employees will be chatting about for years.

remote team retreat-2

Step 1

Let's get to planning.

Our team will craft the most epic team retreat your adventurous eyes have ever seen. Take it to your team and make a few tweaks based off of input. After all, the trip is for you!

remote team retreat-2
small team retreat

Step 2

Let's do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our team schedules, plans, and executes all logistics with vendors to make it as simple as picking your team up from the airport and dropping them back off.

remote team retreat bali

Step 3

It's time for the team retreat!

Trip time. Our guides will be there, ready to host your team for an epic retreat. Pack your sunscreen (or parka – we all have preferences), this is going to be epic.

remote team retreat bali
take your team fishing

Team Retreats Make Business Sense.

Giving your team some time to come together is important. Maybe you’d like to reduce churn, retain your top talent, or maybe just excite your peeps so they’re re-energized for another year.

Planning, organizing, and executing the perfect team retreat can be quite a task with a lot of headaches. So let the experts take care of it for you. We love doing it!

moncao vineyard harvest

Why invest in a remote team retreat?

  • Remote work can mean your team loses sight of the people behind the computer screen. A team retreat can be exactly the thing needed to “put a human to a Slack photo.”
  • We’ve done the research: Companies that go the extra mile for their employees are the companies that people never leave.
  • Retreats the way we do them is your recruiting channel. Your team will talk (read: brag). Soon enough, you’ll have top talent begging to be a part of your awesome business and work culture.
moncao vineyard harvest

Your Team Retreat Experts

Ian Hoyt Life Nomading Founder

Ian Hoyt

Ian has been remote his entire career so it's safe to say he loved working in remote teams before it was "cool". He's a hipster like that. He leads our group trips as well so he knows all the epic spots to take your team.

Caroline Lloyd

Caroline Lloyd

Caroline has spent her career helping clients large and small like Netflix, NFL, and NBA teams, and beyond plan their next big projects. She's an on-site ninja and the most organized person you'll meet.

So now what?

I bet you want to know pricing, the guts of the plan, and what our capabilities are. Let's get something on the schedule right away to discuss more.

Our Tours & Guides Rating

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290+ reviews

Jen B.

"I just went to Varna Bulgaria with Life Nomading for 10 days. I knew a couple of folks, but certainly not everyone. Not only did I absolutely fall in love with a country that I couldn’t find on a map, but I also fell in love with Ian, Caroline, Sarah, and Mitko! Some of the most amazing, fun, and incredibly understanding people I’ve ever met!!! I had never left the Country. I failed the same foreign language twice in HS! None of that mattered. I took a chance, I said YES to this amazing opportunity, and I’m so incredibly grateful that I did!

I had SO many firsts. I still struggle to tell people about my trip without tearing up! I’ve already reserved my spot for next year! THANK YOU, NOMADS!"

Kayla T.

Traveled with LifeNomading to Iceland and it was one of the best trips I’ve been on. As a solo traveler, it is nice to have a group to go to new places with. They had the week perfectly planned out with some amazing spots off the beaten path. The guides are really passionate about what they do and you can tell how much they enjoy traveling and being able to share a country they love with new people.

I would highly recommend traveling with LifeNomading and definitely will be again."

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