10 Waterfalls in Greece for the Perfect Nature Retreat

waterfalls in Greece

Greece is blessed with some of the most scenic waterfalls you will ever see. Many tend to forget that this country is more than just beaches and coastlines, which leaves plenty of hidden gems to discover inland. If you are looking to go off the beaten path, then go chasing waterfalls, literally, on your next Greek getaway.

Let’s explore some of the best waterfalls in Greece.

  1. Neda Waterfalls, Peloponnese
  2. Polilimnio Waterfalls, Peloponnese
  3. Edessa Waterfalls
  4. Souda Waterfalls, Tzoumerka
  5. Drimonas Waterfall, Evoia
  6. Skra Waterfalls
  7. Agia Varvara Waterfall, Halkidiki
  8. Seven Springs Waterfall
  9. Palaiokarya Bridge and Waterfall
  10. Fonias Waterfall (Samothrace Island)


1. Neda Waterfalls, near Athens

The Neda Waterfalls are located in the town Kyparissia of Peloponnese. In Greek mythology, Neda is a river nymph from the Neda river in Arcadia (southern Greece). She was one of the nymphs who took care of Zeus when he was an infant.

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The Waterfalls are extremely popular with outdoor lovers. You can stroll along the waterfall, sit under the shade of trees, or just jump right into the cold water. The water gathers into a crystal clear pool that reflects a beautiful turquoise.

There are several trekking paths to reach Neda, some of them are easy, while others require quite a bit of experience. Depending on your willpower and your energy, let your guide know whether you want the easy or the difficult path to reach the waterfalls.

2. Polilimnio Waterfalls, Peloponnese

One of the lesser-known waterfalls, Polilimnio is also within the Peloponnes peninsula in a small town named Messinia. The waterfalls are part of the Polilimnio Gorge, one of the most beautiful locations in Greece. This is a great getaway for those who want to unplug and take a break within nature.

The name Polilimnio translates to “many lakes”, and likewise there are many small lakes and reservoirs around the waterfront. The best way to explore Polilimnio Waterfalls and Gorges is to sign up for a hike from the village of Charavgi. This challenging trail takes you through all of the beauty of the valley within four hours. 

3. Edessa Waterfalls

Located in the town Edessa, these waterfalls formed as a result of an earthquake that struck the surrounding area in the 14th century. The waterfall is at about 230 ft (70m) altitude, making it among the highest above in this list. Surrounded by lush green trees and flowerbeds, visiting Edessa waterfalls offers a unique nature experience.

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4. Souda Waterfalls, Tzoumerka

Souda Waterfalls are twin waterfalls located in the enchanting mountains of Tzoumerka. These mountains are part of the Peristeri & Arahthos National Park in the Epirus region of Greece.

The waterfalls are just 3 miles (5 km) away from the Theodoriana municipality, which is blessed with fir trees, naturally flowing water and rugged mountain terrains. Stay in one of the local boutique hotels and enjoy fresh Greek cuisines at Taverna Ta Tzoumerka. From here, there are two ways to reach the waterfalls, either hike 30-40 minutes or drive via a local road. 

5. Drimonas Waterfall, Evoia

The Drimonas Waterfalls are located in naturally exquisite surroundings. Located in North Evoia, they are at 620m above sea level. Originating from the river Sipias, the falls are at 49 ft (15 m) in height.

To get there, walk through a short route after the monastery of St. David, Rovies. This is one of the more pleasant hikes on this list. Wind down and take in the peaceful scenery, with fir trees and the flowing river as your company. 

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At the end of the walk, you will find a wooden kiosk that was created by the Forest Rangers in the area. Here, you can rent a bike or even eat at a traditional tavern at the top of the creek.

6. Skra Waterfalls, Skra

Just a short journey away from the city of Kilkis, Skra Waterfalls, or the “Blue Lake,” is a stunning place to be. The blue color of the lake is due to aquatic organisms in the lake.

The emerald lake and the natural surroundings are what the Skra Waterfalls are all about. To reach them, take the road to Axioupolis and from there continue for the villages Koupa and Fanos. Afterward, follow the path to “Katarraktes”. There will be a bridge and a dirt road you will have to cross, and they will lead you straight to the waterfalls. There is even a cave there that you can explore if you want to.

7. Agia Varvara Waterfalls, Halkidiki

Located in the Kipouristra–Neropriono municipality of the Halkidiki region is the Agia Varvara waterfalls. You will find them just 5 miles (8 km) away from the village of Olympiada.

These are two waterfalls hidden within dense vegetation. Only one is visible from above, while the other remains hidden. This makes Agia Varvara the perfect hideaway for introverts. The waterfalls have a bridge that overlooks them, which is a great viewing deck for amazing photos.

To reach here you must follow, you guessed it, another hiking trail. When you pass the area “Pente Vrises”, there is a dirt road there that leads you to the falls.

8. Seven Springs Waterfall, Rhodes

The Seven Springs Waterfall on the island of Rhodes is an ancient manmade waterfall. “It’s known as a sacred water source from Dacian times. Some even say that Zamolxe himself, the supreme god of the Dacians, drank water from this waterfall”

Considered one of the purest waterfalls in Romania, Seven Springs originates from an underground stream that is located at 1300 ft. (396m) altitude.

Access to the Seven Springs waterfall is unique in itself. To reach here, you will have to walk your way through a 0.1 mile (186 m) long narrow tunnel! This tunnel was built in 1931 and was actually an aqueduct to carry water from river Loutanis to the lake.

9. Palaiokarya Bridge and Waterfall

Palaiokarya Bridge and Waterfall look like a set from Lord of the Rings. The imposing bridge of Palaiokarya and the two waterfalls have been around since the 16th Century since they were built by the Ottomans.

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It’s a perfect campsite. You can sit on the benches nearby and bring your own barbecue tools. It’s best to bring supplies with you, as there’s no grocery store nearby.

There are a few cafes and restaurants in the village nearby where you can grab a quick bite. Mill of the Elves is a quaint and unique place where you can have a snack. There’s no need to worry if you haven’t got anything to eat with you. 

10. Fonias Waterfall, Samothrace Island 

Fonais Waterfall is a hidden gem located on the small island of Samothrace. Once you start hiking your way into the waterfalls, you will see the first and biggest waterfall, at a height of 65ft (20m) after 35-40 minutes.

There are a few other small waterfalls as well as you continue walking. You can cross these waterfalls and go further upstream, but the hike from there gets a bit challenging, so bring your good hiking shoes and a water bottle if you want to continue on the path. If you do end up stopping at the first waterfall, enjoy a dip in the cold water as you wash away the tiredness from the hike. 

Visit Greece

Greece is an amazing country to enjoy serene waterfalls. The green-blue lakes with the cool, crystal clear waters are a refreshing way to end your daily hikes.

Greece is an ideal holiday destination whether you choose to see the waterfalls or not. It’s an incredible place to learn history, eat food, or simply relax poolside at an island resort. It also is an amazing gateway to exploring other European cities. If Greece gets a bit too touristy for you, the neighboring country of Bulgaria is no less stunning. Not only is it more affordable, but it also offers stunning natural beauty on the beautiful coast of the Black Sea.

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