Our Beginnings…

Ian Hoyt | Life Nomading

Life Nomading got its start in 2014 as a small blog where our founder Ian Hoyt passionately shared his thoughts about what nomading meant to our generation of “against-the-grain” goers.

His goal was to create a place where a community can come together to share ideas, have experiences together, and ultimately become more well rounded, adventurers.

What was once a small community of readers back in 2014, has since grown into a tight-knit community of travelers, nomads, and people that refuse to settle for what society says is the correct ‘path’.

We travel because experience is the only cure for our souls. We believe that seeing is better than dreaming. We are the doers not the wishers.

…to Now

From the very beginning, we kept getting requests from the community to create fun and exciting experiences/trips for those that had connected with each other via Life Nomading.

It was a great idea, one that needed a team to make happen. In 2016 the Life Nomading team expanded to prepare for the very first Life Nomading adventure to Iceland.

Since then, Life Nomading has expanded to offer other exciting authentic group trips and tours to Bulgaria, Iceland, and New York City.

To be a Life Nomading Explorer means to shed the bonds of society and see the world for what it is, not what people say it should be.

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Meet the Team

Ian Hoyt Life Nomading Founder

Ian Hoyt


Ian is an all-around alternative path taker. He founded Life Nomading in 2014 with a mission of helping other like-minded adventurers find a voice together as one.

Since it began, his vision has been keeping community first in the form of travel experiences.


Caroline Lloyd


A globetrotter and New York City expert, Caroline keeps the Life Nomading team organized and on track to provide our adventurers with the best experience possible!

When she’s not keeping operations flowing smoothly, she is heading our New York City walking tours!

mitko karshovski

Mitko Karshovski


European expert and digital nomad, Mitko leads the Life Nomading Bulgaria Adventure. He spends his time exploring the best of Bulgaria that will leave our adventurers in awe.

When he isn’t exploring Bulgaria you can find him educating us on all there is to know about Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

Sarah Graves

Sarah Graves

Customer Experience

The master of booking airfare and coordinating the endless logistics that go with planning your trips is our talented head of experience, Sarah.

Sarah spends most times traveling the world and answering all the important questions you may have while preparing for one of our exciting Life Nomading trips or tours.

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