Before the Trip

Why do I need to schedule an adventure call?

We ask that you schedule a super painless 15 minute adventure call with us before booking you trip so that we can help answer any outstanding questions and get to know you more. We’re a small trip operater and care to get to know each and every nomad who will be joining us on one hell of an adventure.

What if I want to go with a friend?

We love when Life Nomading adventurers bring others along! Have them join your adventure call or we can chat with them seperatly. Be sure to let us know so we can make sure you’re roomed with your friend!

What if I am on the fence between two destinations?

You want to go everywhere, we get it! Contact us via the chat or email and one of our nomad guides can help make your decision a little bit easier.

How much is a deposit?

Deposits when available vary based on trip. View each trip page for more details. Deposits are non-refundable will hold your space for 30 days from payment date.

Is airfare included in the trip cost?

Airfare is not included in the trip cost because our team knows you can get a cheaper deal that way! Included in every trip is our team helping to find airfare perfect for your requests. In most cases, our airfare team is able to save on average 30-50% in airfare costs if budget is a focus for you.

Can I come with a significant other?

Absolutely! We encourage couples to come as any travel experience is better shared with your #1. We like to note that sleeping quarters are often shared with multiple people. We try to accommodate requests for separate sleeping quarters (especially for couples), however it is not guaranteed.

What should I pack?

Before the trip, we provide you with a Life Nomading Pathfinder Guide to help you pack. This includes everything you need to do before the trip including packing lists and even links to discounted products you may need.

Do I need vaccinations

Before the trip we provide you with our Life Nomading Pathfinder Guide. This includes everything you need to do before the trip including up to date information from the Center of Disease Control (CDC)

Do I need to get a visa?

Depending on your nationality, you may need a visa for the trip. At the application time, we gather this information and will help you through the process by providing all the info you need in our Life Nomading Pathfinder Guide.

During the Trip

Am I required to have Travelers Insurance?

Yes. Before you venture on a Life Nomading Trip, we will request proof of travelers insurance. As long as you purchase the trip with a credit card that provides travel insurance (a large percentage of them do, these days) you will be covered.

What are the living quarters like?

Depending on your destination of choice, living quarters can vary. We make an effort to find local hotels, lodges, and locally ran AirBnB’s, and other arrangements that mix a good level of privacy with a sense of group and community. Our standard arrangement is 2 guests per room with individual rooms offered for an extra fee. See trip page for details.

Will I be responsible for transportation during the trip?

Unless otherwise stated, you will not need to worry about transportation during your trip. We provide various vans, jeeps or buses depending on group size to get you to and from our day-to-day activities. You will be expected to cover ubers or taxis for any excursions outside of the programmed activities.

Do I have to participate in all the events?

No. We’re not your parents; if you choose to stray from the group’s plans we will not stop you. We’re nomads, after all. However, you’re likely paying for some pretty fun and exciting experiences that we have spent a long while curating. Just saying!

Will there be free time for independent activities?

Yes! This is at our core. Uncharted time! As part of our experience, we ensure there is plenty of time for you to do what makes travel great, get lost (kinda). Experience the best the city or country has to offer on your own time. Connect with locals at a market, venture to the beach with another group member, take that once in a lifetime hike.

How are emergencies handled?

We take your safety EXTREMELY SERIOUSLY! We acknowledge that some of our destinations are outside of the first-world bubble (we do that on purpose!). As a result, we provide you with all the emergency contact numbers, experienced Life Nomad Trip Leaders trained for emergency situations, and a lifeline to an experienced local to help you out just in-case!

Will I have cellphone service?

Yes! We provide a local SIM card for your phone. This gives you access to us, a local lifeline, fellow travelers, and all emergency response agencies. This requires you to bring an unlocked phone on the trip. All smartphones can now be unlocked due to the recent passing of the wireless freedom act. You may have to call your cell phone provider to unlock your phone prior to travel.

After the Trip

I just had so much fun, now what?

It’s easy to get cabin fever when you get home from a Life Nomading Trip. We know the feeling. Our number one suggestion is to keep an eye out for our member-only trips, in which you can go on more advanced trips with fellow Life Nomads that also have the same feelings towards travel as you.

How do I stay connected with my group members?

We encourage you to exchange phone numbers, become Facebook friends, and give each other high fives. But if you lost someone’s contact info, odds are they are in our Life Nomading Explorers Club Facebook group. We will also set up a special Facebook community for each trip – this allows you to stay connected for as long as you like!

Where can I find the photos taken during the trip?

One of the best benefits of booking a trip with Life Nomading is the awesome photos we take for you! After each trip, you will receive a link to an online album for you to tag each other and retrieve those awesome memories!

I had an awesome time and now want to go somewhere else with you guys!

Heck yeah! This is the whole point, friendships and exploring. Oh and did we mentioned that your next trip you get $100 OFF just for being awesome.

Where can I share my awesome experience?

Our maine source of meeting new travelers is through word of mouth and honest reviews on Google and Facebook. We thank you in advance for leaving a review.