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Iceland Adventure // 7 Days

Explore the land of fire and ice with us on this one-of-a-kind Iceland group trip. These seven days will be unlike any Iceland adventure available.

Trade-in tourist traps like the Blue Lagoon, for natural hot spring hikes, beautiful baths overlooking the ocean, and farm-to-table meals that will blow your socks off.


Portugal Wine Experience // 7 Days

Did someone say wine?

Join us in North Portugal where you'll learn everything you want to know about Portuguese wine -- straight from the wine guy himself Rafa.

Spend your time basking in the city of Porto sipping on the best vino and eating your heart out with delicious classic Portuguese dishes.

We'll be exploring various vineyards, and spending a couple of days at Rafa's family vineyard estate in north Portugal. You'll learn from his family how to harvest grapes and make classic dishes.

Bulgarian sail boat

Bulgaria Adventure // 9 Days

Ready to push your travel envelope? Join us in Eastern Europe where all the fun is. Sure your friends say they want to go to Greece, but what they don't know is that its neighbor Bulgaria is the true MVP.

Sail with us on the Black sea for the day on our private sailboat, beach bum around in beautiful small beachside towns, or explore the lively culture of downtown Varna.

This trip is perfect for those who love beach life, affordable travel, and lots of pastries/bread products.

Ian and Caroline

⬆ That's us, your hosts, Caroline & Ian. We explore, craft, and host every trip here!

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