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Why Following Your Dream Is The Easiest Way To Ruin Your Life

Why Following Your Dream Is The Easiest Way To Ruin Your Life

By Caroline Lloyd // Mar 15, 2019

Doing something you love for too long can leave you in a pickle. Doing something you “love” for too long can leave you in even more of a pickle. I won’t go too deep into my life story, but I just need to first say that sometimes we are so driven to find our dream job that we convince ourselves we have. Guided by our families, mentors, friends, and social media followers’ watchful eyes, we […]

Get Lost In Ireland: Summer Road Trip Inspiration and Tips

By Sarah Howard // May 13, 2018

  Ireland is arguably one of the most picture-perfect summer road trip destinations. Come to Ireland to see breathtaking scenery, come for the friendly people, come if you want to slow down and get lost in the beauty of the simpler things in life: a cup of morning tea with fresh milk, a stroll through the market stalls, a self guided tour of abandoned castles, a laugh with friends over a pint at the local […]

travel after a breakup

Why You Should Absolutely Travel After a Breakup

By Ian Hoyt // Jul 19, 2017

I’ve traveled to over thirty cities in three different countries in the last six months. When I started this traveling adventure in January, it came fresh off of a break-up. Yep, you heard me right, a break-up. For the one person reading this that has never experienced a breakup, this is a moment in anyone’s life where they realize that everything they were accustomed to for the last year or so is now completely GONE. […]


Review: Ecuador Freedom Bike Rental – Self Guided Chocolate & Cloud Forest Tour

By Marek Michalski // Jul 1, 2017

Memorial day 2017 for most people meant burgers and brews in a close friends backyard. Memorial day for us was 8,000 miles away on the back of a motorcycle surrounded by clouds on top of a mountain. We heard that purring through the mountains of Ecuador on a bike was a bucket list item people take months or years to commit to – we signed up just a month before we left. Minimize the Risk. Maximize […]

Part 5: Adventures in Sumatra, Indonesia

By Marek Michalski // Jun 16, 2017

Himbit arrived at our house un summoned, per usual, around 8am. It was time for the cookout. This cookout was different  than your typical BBQ, because we were capturing the chicken and killing it ourselves. Couping the Coop This was actually our second day attempting the cookout, because yesterday Himbit had been unable to “capture a chicken” While this is rural Indonesia, it isn’t 10,000 B.C; This is not the time of hunter gatherers. From […]

Part 4: Adventures in Sumatra, Indonesia

By Marek Michalski // Jun 14, 2017

We woke up early in the morning after a long night of singing and drinking. We had a bit of a hangover and a lot of excitement. It was an amazing experience so far, but we we’re less than a full day into our 4 night stay on the Island of Tuk Tuk. Up the Mountain with Himbit Himbit kinda just showed up at our villa (didn’t even need to call him) and gave us a […]

Toba Village Inn

Part 3: Adventures in Sumatra

By Marek Michalski // May 11, 2017

It was late at night, and the Moon’s reflection shimmered across the serene Lake Toba. We heard the voice of 4 men singing in harmony echoing off the lake. I instantly knew what we were doing next. I looked over at my travel partner, Harrison, and said “Let’s go. We are finding the music.” Music had been all around us since day one at Lake Toba. I knew it was important to their culture by […]

Samosir Village

Part 2: Adventures in Sumatra, Indonesia

By Marek Michalski // May 10, 2017

We woke up at 8 to catch the 9am ferry. Everyone was up so early; the market was in full swing. What had been dark and deserted the night before now was filled with vibrant colours and shouting. The Ferry to Samosir We were playing a guitar out front and eating some fried rice for breakfast. We caught the attention of a guide, and musician, Himbit. He joined in on our jam and we began singing […]

Part 1: Adventures in Sumatra, Indonesia

By Marek Michalski // May 2, 2017

Making our Way to Lake Toba From Medan “Taxi you need taxi?” said the stranger outside the terminal. My travel partner, Harrison, and I had just touched down in North Sumatra. I said “We need a ride to Tuktuk.” We were heading to the world’s largest volcanic lake – Lake Toba. It sits on the worlds largest super volcano, last time it erupted there was a nuclear winter, and the massive hole was filled with water. […]