Get Over Your Fear Of Impulse Adventuring

Nomad Adventuring

I randomly put this tweet out recently…

To my surprise I had an influx of my followers replying about where I should go or how I should do it. This made me smile.

Although I was silly in forgetting about a few things I had to do in my current city over the weekend, I thought it was a great little mini experiment regardless. You see, I found that so many people were quick to reply and that shows one distinct truth. I believe a ton of people like yourself out there crave traveling on a whim. You want to get up and go whenever. Although most don’t have the luxury as I do to be free from location, it isn’t out of reach for you.

I think there is more to this than just the fact that you think you “can’t” do it. I think some of you are afraid.

Whether it be not knowing who you will stay with while on your travels, or what you will eat or do, there are multiple reasons for the lack of adventure and exploration in most people’s lives. I think it all stems from a small ounce of fear.

I fully understand, it can be overwhelming.

It’s easy to continue to make excuses for a lack of adventuring in your life, but I think you want more. So lets work through it and slowly get you comfortable with this impulse adventuring that I speak of.


You need to start small. Take a weekend and drive yourself to a place a few hours away, even bring a friend or significant other if you wish. Explore for the day and then if you feel uncomfortable just drive back that same night. No harm no foul. If you happen to enjoy the place and things where you went, stay for another day! (note: If someone comes along, be sure they are into the same kind of adventure as you.)


Start reaching a bit further. Purchase a bus ticket and go somewhere that’s 12 hours ride away. For me, I recently grabbed a bus to New York City for a long weekend. Stay for a longer weekend. Keep an open mind and be willing to meet new people there. A key aspect of self travel is being able to become quick friends with others and enjoy hearing other people’s stories and tales along your journey. Sure, seeing things is one part of travel and adventuring but meeting the people where you go is the best!


It’s time to take a bigger leap. Leave the States (or for others reading outside the USA, leave your country). If you are bold, take a non-traditional approach to traveling such as long distance driving, hitchhiking, or even taking a boat. If you are like most of us, buy an airline ticket to get you started. Pick anywhere you secretly wanted to go in your life, and go.

You may be saying, “Ian, that’s all the advice you have?” In short, yes. I have no clue where you want to travel, so it’s hard to give certain advice on each destination (though I will be doing so in the future). The biggest thing about travel though is just going. It’s nearly impossible to say you had a terrible time or a great time if you aren’t at least trying to adventure.

Final Thoughts

Just remember that taking the weekend, the month, or your lifetime to pursue impulse adventuring can be one of the best decisions of your life. If you wait too long you will look back on your life and only wish you had done it more, and if you do it now you will only thank yourself that you took the initiative to break free from your fears to explore your life.