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Inspiring new experiences when you can’t afford to travel

By Tori Metzger // Oct 12, 2015

“I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.” – Susan Sontag One of the top reasons I love traveling is to find inspiration in new places and experiences. The world is an infinite playground full of unfound friends, stupefying sights, and magical experiences that our curious and creative minds crave. Unfortunately, many of us don’t have the money or time to travel as often as we’d like, which can sometimes result in feeling stuck, bored, […]

Good products to sell online

How To Choose What Good Products To Sell Online

By Ian Hoyt // Oct 5, 2015

To be honest, I may be a marketer but even deeper down is my love for just selling stuff. For me it all really started in 2012 when I had the idea to launch a t-shirt brand called “Heading 370” in my college dorm room. It was a t-shirt company focused towards the general aviation market. I was a budding pilot and I wanted to provide the industry with super high quality t-shirts and clothing. I began […]

cheap way to travel around the world

How I Went Around the World for Less Than $3k

By Heidi Liou // Sep 28, 2015

*Disclaimer: I graduated from college in May 2015, and traveled until September 2015. I had one last “summer break” before starting work, so I spent as much time abroad as I could. If you look at the places I went to (below) during the past 4 months, they were all very specific and planned out. I either… 1. Had a friend there 2. Had family there or 3. Had a friend who had a friend […]

Become a Kingpin and Scale Your Freelance Work

By Ian Hoyt // Mar 12, 2015

Freelancing rocks right? You’re correct, but what rocks even more is being able to scale your freelance work! Scaling freelance is something that you likely don’t think about all too often because you are too focused on creating enough work just to sustain your life. However, what if I told you that freelancing is actually quite scalable contrary to popular belief. In this article, I am going to help you lay the ground work to […]

Marek Michalski Asia

Why Your Next Trip Abroad Should Be To Southeast Asia

By Marek Michalski // Jan 30, 2015

When adventure comes to mind, many Americans dream of beaches in Hawaii, Mexico, and the Bahamas or romantic getaways to France, Italy, and Rome. Newlyweds will think fondly of traveling to Europe to kiss beneath The Eiffel Tower, and college students will frantically search the web to find out if their all inclusive Cancun resort stocks Jagermeister. It should come as no surprise that the U.S. News World Report listed the same previously mentioned tourist destinations in […]

Nomad Adventuring

Get Over Your Fear Of Impulse Adventuring

By Ian Hoyt // Jan 26, 2015

I randomly put this tweet out recently… I feel like getting on a random bus to a random city tomorrow for an extended weekend. Where should I go? — Ian Hoyt (@IanHoyt) January 22, 2015 To my surprise I had an influx of my followers replying about where I should go or how I should do it. This made me smile. Although I was silly in forgetting about a few things I had to do […]

Photography Guide | Life Nomading

5 Essential Quick Tips for the Beginner Photographer

By Ian Hoyt // Dec 26, 2014

It seems like everyone and their mothers want to claim the title of photographer these days. No matter the quality, I have quickly seen many individuals sprout up photography businesses to feed their inner passion. Although not everyone may be great at photography, have no fear. Here are the five quick tips I give anyone who asks me to the “how to instantly become a better photographer” question. Mind you, if you have a fair amount of […]

Beginner Air Travel Hacks | Life Nomading

16 Beginner Air Travel Hacks To Save You Tons of Time and Energy

By Ian Hoyt // Dec 17, 2014

To be completely honest, air travel can be a pain. I love aviation (duh, I’m a pilot) but even I used to get extremely discouraged by all the necessary evils that come with commercial flight. Because I love air travel so much, I decided to compile a list of 16 beginner air travel hacks that will help you speed up your experience from leaving home to landing in a new place. Are you ready? Let’s start […]

Waag Society | Life Nomading

5 Steps Towards Nomadic Budgeting

By Ian Hoyt // Oct 13, 2014

Let’s face it, budgeting your finances can be an extremely arduous and downright boring task to do. That is why many of us don’t waste time (especially in our early 20’s) setting budgets for ourselves. I once hated spending time on setting reasonable budgets for myself. I got discouraged at the fact that tracking how much to spend on everything is difficult during the month to month grind. However, budgeting is a huge part to becoming […]