LN 005: Finding What Works with David Sherry from Death to the Stock Photo

David Sherry | Death to the Stock Photoa

David Sherry is a friend and someone I have looked up to in the creative business space for the past year. Funny thing is, I would have never thought I would have had the chance to pick his brain about the creative world. David is the co-founder of a startup called Death to the Stock Photo, which creates monthly free photo packs for use by creatives who need to make their website, blog articles, books, or marketing materials look great with visual deliciousness.

In this episode, David and I talk about finding what works in your pursuits toward starting a business or refining your personal brand. We focus on how your brand is you and that alone is what can set you apart. We talk about his failures and his wins and really dig deep into what it is like for him to live as a remote working founder of a creative brand.

…Artist, I think you have to look at your work like an artist. Make sure you are taking risks like an artist. Figure out, whatever your platform is for trying things, I think that is the core thing that you have to create for yourself, you just need a platform. -David

Death to the Stock Photo
Beautiful photography from Death to the Stock Photo (I use this one for advertising)

What you will learn in this episode

  • David Sherry’s background and his path towards Death to the Stock Photo
  • How to pull inspiration
  • How to strengthen your brand whether it be personal or business
  • Whether there is such a difference from personal brands and your business

Links mentioned in this episode:

Join Death to the Stock Photo for free and get a new photo pack every month, or go Premium for $10/month to get full access to all of their beautiful and inspiring photos.

Want to learn more about David? Visit his website at DavidJSherry.com

Find him in the Twitter world @DavidSherry36 but make sure to stay up-to-date on his Instagram life as well @brandswell

David mentioned he finds inspiration and mentorship by specific people in each sector of life such as Seth Godin, Chris Mcallister, Brian Zuercher, Remit Sethi and even a young photographer Joe Curtin.

His favorite Seth Godin book is All Marketers Are Liars

Going to Chicago anytime soon? Visit his favorite Chicago BBQ joint, County Barbeque for lunch or dinner.

Death to the Stock Photo’s creative end has Allie Lehman written all over it! Be sure to check out her beautiful blog. I have yet to meet her (this is a call out to get coffee some time) but she seems like a cool cat on twitter.

Final Thoughts


Death to the Stock Photo
Death to the Stock Photo

This was a jam packed episode with countless moments of inspiration and quality conversation. I had a lot of fun talking with David Sherry about his journey to where he is today. The thing I am most excited about is sitting back and watching where he will go, and where Death to the Stock Photo will go in the coming years. Thanks again man, and thanks everyone for listening!

Have questions about this episode or about Death to the Stock Photo and David in general? Leave them in the comments below!