LN 006: Millennial Probs with Megan Tan

Megan Tan | Millennial Podcast

Who is Megan Tan? That’s a great question, and one you definitely should be asking. Fortunately for me, she is a good friend but fortunately for you, she is a millennial on a mission. In this podcast episode we dig deep into Megan’s journey from college to now and talk about the struggles that us millennials face on a daily basis and how she is documenting it.

…Don’t be afraid to, to make your goals bigger than what you think you can achieve and then just go after them. A lot of times when I’m afraid to do something, I tell myself “You have nothing to lose, so why not?” and then I just rip off the bandaid and do it. – Megan

Megan Tan - Millennial Podcast
Megan in her recording studio… a 1X5′ Closet!

What you will learn in this episode

  • How Megan Tan went about starting her Millennial Podcast
  • Some great insight into being an accountability tool for friends vs. a babysitter for their dreams.
  • The anxieties that come with our generation and the reasons behind that.

Links mentioned in this episode:

Like I have said a million times, if you haven’t listened to Megan Tan’s podcast you can do so by going to MillennialPodcast.org

Follow her and the podcast on Twitter: @HearMillennial

Leave an honest review on iTunes, and reach out to Megan and tell her how you liked it.

Also mentioned in this episode a few times, is a previous guest: Ben Severance

Final Thoughts

Megan Tan | Millennial Podcast
Taken by Ben Severance

This episode was a long time coming. Megan is such a great person and it was wonderful having her on the show. Her perspective is one that I find super valuable in this journey we all call life. Thank you Megan for shedding some light, and more importantly thank you for the value and insight you bring to all of us on your podcast.

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